What can you expect to see on my website?

I want to cover as many things connected to hunting as possible: From the preparation for a hunt, through the actual hunt, over to taking care of the game, until cooking a delicious meal – “#fieldtofork”
I am experimenting all the time, trying new stuff, new types of hunting, but everything with one goal trying not to waste a single bit of the animal that gave its life to feed my family.
Each country has it’s unique hunting culture. I want to give foreign hunters an idea about Swedish and Nordic hunting.

This is also why I write in English.

I will share my tips and tricks on daily hunting life along with reviews of hunting related products, butchering how-to’s and recipes.
I am going to share my experiments on constructing and building hunting equipment…

 … and maybe give you a good laugh.

Why do I hunt?

In short – Sustainability

The story of why I hunt actually started with my wife. She switched to organic only food, and where can you get 100% organic, ethically raised, antibiotics free meat, with full control over the supply chain? Hunt your own!
This is when I studied and took my Swedish hunters license.
But for me hunting is more than just food; it is mindfulness, nature experience, bushcraft, exploring highly UN-processed food and animal products, teaching my kids how stuff is made and where food comes from. It’s about making them aware of the fact that an animal had to die so that they can have their meatballs, or spaghetti Bolognese. Hunting shows more respect for the animal than organic shopping ever can. Meat is not anonymous and does not grow in the store.
We never waste animal products at home but have deep respect for it. And this includes using as much of the animal as possible: the meat of course, the bones for bone broth or feeding my dog (even the neighbors dogs are waiting for the moose hunting season to begin J ), I tan the hides with my children and come up with other things you can do.
My ultimate goal is to buy as little produced meat and animal products as possible and use as much of my hunted game as possible,
To quote my wife: We either go vegetarian or you start hunting J

Why Sweden is Hunting?

  • Sweden (like the other Nordic countries) is a large country with low population, which leaves lots of space to untouched wilderness – Sweden is hunting
  • With every 39th person being a hunter (Germany every 235th), hunting and consumption of game meat is deeply rooted in the country.
    During calendar week 41 (36 in northern Sweden) moose season starts, and most hunters head out into the forest for one week of hunting. In industries connected to the forest you should avoid planning business meetings then, since – Sweden is hunting
My hunting experience so far:
  • Moose hunt
  • Boar hunt
  • Deer hunt
  • Fox hunt
  • Bird hunt