As a disclaimer I need to say that this video is not in any kind a legal advice on hunting and gun laws in Sweden, and the content can of course change due to changes in legislation. So please make sure to check the official links I put in the description to get to the latest governmental regulations.

First question you need to answer is “Do you want to bring your own gun?”

Why is this important?

Personally I always feel more secure with my own gun, gun and sight are adjusted to my needs, I know how it behaves,  I know the ballistics and of course I know my own performance on precision versus the precision of the gun.

Of course, you might also share a special hunting moment with your favorite weapon, maybe a gun that has been in your family for a long time or is special to you in another way.

Either way, if you decide to bring your gun and ammunition, there are some rules and preconditions you must follow.

You need to fill out a form for temporary import

Apart from you own personal data, you will need to list which types of weapons, make, model caliber. Serial number and how much ammunition you intend to bring.

In addition, you will need to fill in the personal data of your hunting host.

No. You can not just pack your gun and go hunting J

  • You will need an invitation for the hunt from the responsible hunting host.
  • And finally, you will need to include proof, that you are allowed to own the guns in your home country.
  • For members of the EU a scanned copy of your European firearms pass is good enough.

For citizens of the United States or countries that do not issue weapon permits/licenses are not issued, you are also required to include:

A scanned copy of a certificate from the hunting host confirming your weapon handling skills and marksmanship as well as a scanned copy of a certificate from your country’s local police or equivalent, stating that you are a law abiding citizen and can handle the weapon you want to import.

The good thing in Sweden is, that almost everything works digitally, meaning you can send your whole application to the Swedish police via e-mail.

Remember to send you application in good time, since the minimum handling time is 6 weeks.

Once the police have registered your application, you will get an invoice of currently 870kr which is roughly 85€ or 100$.

You find the link to the police documents below!

Where do I find a hunting host?

The easiest thing to do is of course to find an outfitter or personal guide, I will include links to some outfitters in the description below.

Alternatively, you have a friend that is living and hunting in Sweden, which surely will give you an even better introduction to hunting life in Sweden.

While you are waiting for your permissions

If you are not traveling with your own gun OR while waiting for the police to answer your application you can use your time to fix some other stuff.

To be able to hunt in Sweden you will need to have an insurance, that is explicitly covering accidents related to hunting and is valid for Sweden.

If you do not have such an insurance, the easiest way is to join the Swedish hunting association “Svenska Jägareförbundet” for one year which currently costs 300kr which equals roughly 30€ or 34$. You find even this link below!

This insurance covers damages up to 10.000.000 SEK meaning 970T€ or 1.13M$

You will also need to buy an annual hunting permit from the Swedish EPA which also costs 300kr.

Getting through customs

Once you have your permit from the police, and your car (or plane) is packed and ready to go, you need to make sure to declare your weapons and ammunition to the Swedish customs ahead of time!

Since we are in Sweden, of course you do this completely online J

Once you have completed and submitted your registration, you will receive a registration number.

If you have a registration number and your permit from the police, you can choose the green “nothing to declare” lane at the customs check point when you come to Sweden.

Of course, you must be able to produce your registration number and probably your permit from the police at the request of a customs official.!/start

Easy right?

So now you are in Sweden – great!

If you did not bring your own gun, there are two ways to hunt in Sweden.

  1. You borrow a gun. If you have a European firearms pass or equal documentation (as I explained earlier) which gives you the right to a firearm of the type you would like to borrow, the owner of the gun can give you a certificate or proof that you may borrow the weapon, which is valid for 14 days.
  2. Supervised hunting. Every Swedish hunter over 18 years is allowed to do supervised hunting with anybody over 15 years of age. This means your host will go with you and you will shoot with his/her weapon, but your host may never be further away from you than arm’s length.

When traveling with weapons in Sweden, there are certain simple rules you should be aware of.

If you leave your car for a quick personal stop at the gas station, you need to remove the vital parts of your gun, meaning the bolt of your gun or the forend of your shotgun and take them with you while you hide the gun in the trunk or under your baggage, so it can’t be seen.

Guns must be unloaded during all motorized transport, and magazines should be stowed separately.

If you are going for a moose hunt, you might be required to take the Swedish moose test, which is a shot of series fired at a standing and moving moose target at 80m.

Standing / moving from the right, Standing / moving from the left.

All 4 shots need to hit in the lethal area for a series to count, you need to complete three successful series to pass.

Swedish hunters do this every year as a quality control and precondition for the moose hunt.

Where do I hunt?

Well normally your hunting host should arrange this, and this depends completely on what kind of adventure you are looking for.

Should I make a separate film about what is huntable in Sweden? Let me know in the comments!

Anyway, there are good hunting agencies in Sweden, a lot of offers at decent prices come from the Swedish hunting association, and then there are one day hunting tickets for small game sold at a very decent price online by the big Swedish forest companies.

So that is basically it!

  • Find a hunting host
  • Get your papers in order
  • Bring your gun or borrow one
  • Have a legal hunting ground
  • Have fun J Waidmannsheil and Skitjakt!
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